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Premium - Missing function to check file manually

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Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


That's a known bug when You upgrade (overwriting) from KTS to KPlus/Premium, and only in Windows 11.


There are 2 diffrent solutions: uninstall and do a clean installation of KPremium, or check this Windows registry workaround, You will not get just the same result, but You will get the old style menu options for scanning and KSN checking:



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Yes, I tried it right now and it works:

• Open the Kaspersky product window
• Disable Self-Defense via Settings
• Exit the Kaspersky product (click the "K" icon in system tray menu and choose exit)
• Press Win+S and type regedit in a search bar
• Choose "Run as Administrator" option in Registry Editor application which you will find
• In the Registry Editor find the following registry branch:
• Create a new parameter in the branch:
Name: IsModernWin11ShellExDisabled
Type: String Value
Value: 1
• Restart the PC
• Enable Self-Defense in the product
• Check if the issue persists

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