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No internet connection when connecting to USA servers

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Can anybody assist me with this issue:

When i connect to any US location with Kaspersky Vpn i have no internet connection at all. 

Every other location besides US works just fine. 

On my andoiid devices the USA servers work just fine. The problem is only on my windows 10 22h2 laptop.

See screenshot.

Thank you


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I do not think it is a router issue as i have two routers in my home from separate ISPs . And it does not work on both of them. Even the affected laptop has a freshly installed windows on it. Baffles me😃

But why only USA locatioans and why only on windows????


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Hello ,


After performing intensive troubleshooting using sysinternal tools i managed to find the rootcause of this problem.

It is the build in secure dns option in the browser:

If you choose a secure dns provider like cloudflare or opendns the USA locations built from Kaspersky vpn will not work.Somehow this does not surprise me.😄😀

If you uncheck this option and stick with your ISP everything works fine.

See attached screenshot . Its self explanatory.

We can mark this as a solution.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 171414.png

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Just a short follow up. I personally do not reccommend enabling secure dns in the browser in case you permanently use the secure connection. It does not play along well this setting. You will experience hickups and glitches with some locations. 

I have been testing it for some days now. Then again its my personal oppinion.

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I hope this is the Article I was looking for. I tried using the VPN once and couldn't access the internet afterwards. I ended up uninstalling the VPN, afterward I was able to use the internet again. I was going to ask for technical support and any advice if I tried using the VPN again.

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