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  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is any possibility to find out what is the exact number of activations for each of my purchased keys? How many times can i activate my product with a code until i get the message : You have exceeded the maximum number of activations. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info, That explains why i have it enabled only on one device. On my tablet activated with a KTS key On my phone activated with a KIS key.
  3. On my device it does not. Thats for sure
  4. Yes , in your case it is preinstalled. Probably on a Samsung device. I my case it is not preinstalled as its not a Samsung device. I had to install it manually. And it does not work. All clarified.
  5. Hello, I disagree with your answer above. In the android version only chrome is supported . I have tried samsung and it is not supported.
  6. Hello, Just one clarification needed. I have noticed that some android security features are missing one one of my android devices Smart home monitor and social privacy. Those features are available on my tablet but missing on my phone. Why? Are they availble only in certain versions or regions?
  7. Hello, Just two questions: May i ask why in the Android version only Chrome is supported in safe browsing? Do you plan to include support for other browsers as well in the future?
  8. And finally the prove i have been looking for that sustains what i said above See screenshot
  9. Just a short follow up. I personally do not reccommend enabling secure dns in the browser in case you permanently use the secure connection. It does not play along well this setting. You will experience hickups and glitches with some locations. I have been testing it for some days now. Then again its my personal oppinion.
  10. Hello, Can somebody provide me with information regarding the licensing transition between KAV, KIS, KTS to the new released products Premium, Plus, Standard? How is this going to work out once the old products are retired ? Users who still have valid licenses for legacy products, will they be able to use and activate those products after withdrawal ? Or can they use their existing licenses to activate the new range of products? Thank you
  11. It work fine for me too now. Just tried it. After all i sent logs and traces to support. Maybe it got fixed. Couple of days ago it did not work unless you choose you ISP as option.
  12. Hello , After performing intensive troubleshooting using sysinternal tools i managed to find the rootcause of this problem. It is the build in secure dns option in the browser: If you choose a secure dns provider like cloudflare or opendns the USA locations built from Kaspersky vpn will not work.Somehow this does not surprise me.😄😀 If you uncheck this option and stick with your ISP everything works fine. See attached screenshot . Its self explanatory. We can mark this as a solution.
  13. Hmm, Additional info that might help. Just ran the built in network troubleshooter. Doesn't find anything wrong😏 yet internet is not working. Screenshot shows it all.
  14. I do not think it is a router issue as i have two routers in my home from separate ISPs . And it does not work on both of them. Even the affected laptop has a freshly installed windows on it. Baffles me😃 But why only USA locatioans and why only on windows????
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