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Hello we are a possible hopeful new start up in and area where hacking seems to be a hugh issue. Twice so far draining our wallets. Of ETH the blockchain. Three years working on a project with in developement and marketing and we are right at the end after rebuilding twice. We are worried that if something happens with what we have implemented that it wont matter if it has backed up or not we would like to know if there is some type of trail we can take advantage of for the next 30 days until we have the balamce of funding to sign a normal account with kaspersky in order to better help protect us and our platform ? If not could we get a price of what it will take to protect us so that we can try and implement it into the budget now. We no longer have a developer and have been doing most on our own learning along the way . Because of a war our developer is gone and no longer with us . Leaving us vunerable to attacks he was the one that was awesome at his job and protected us many times. But the world had other plans for him, What is there that Kaaspersky offers that could help protect us?

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