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My Kaspersky login page won't load...


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Not a stupid question!

However, Yes, I did. The first few times I tried to access, that was the link I tried to open. The last few times is when I got the "loading" animation. I've tried multiple ways to get in, from using the the link on the Kaspersky app, to actually hand typing the link. I've used the google search link to try to get in, and the link I stored on my phone. Nothing opens the page...

I have gotten the aforementioned rotating Loading animation, a blank screen that took 8 minutes to stop trying to load and stayed nothing but a blank white screen, to an error saying that the link wasn't valid, tho, that one only happened once and I haven't been able to duplicate.

I've even tried to open the page that will allow me to extend my subscription, but that page tells me I cannot do that from there. 

Highly frustrating.

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10 minutes ago, Robert Collins said:

Same problem with me , My Kaspersky won’t load haven’t been use it for more than a month now ,am getting frustrated ,have tried everything.

Hello @Robert Collins


  1. Which Kaspersky AV is installed? 
  2. What happens IF all extensions in all browsers are turned OFF? 
  3. What happens IF the browser is run in Incognito mode? 
  4. What happens if you exit *all* browsers, on the Windows hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select Exit, to stop the Kaspersky application, start a browser, try to sign into MyKaspersky? IF it doesn't work, is there an error? 'yes' post a screen print? 
  5. Report it to Kaspersky Customer Service: on the support page, select either Chat or Email, then fill in Application malfunction, Other template; please include any screen images of the error & a detailed history. Support may request logs, traces & other data; they will guide you. 

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏

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