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MOVING FROM A PC TO ANOTHER. Both have KTS from different accounts

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HI, thx for your time i have lots of question and if u can help me id be so thankful.

Im changing my pc with my mom. Both have diff kasperky accounts but the same KTS.

1. If i log out my kaspersky account, antivirus wont work?

2. The easiest way is just export my config. or i must uninstall and install again?


I didnt know that kasperky would change their plans so soon. spanish mod recently told me that KTS and KSCloud -> KPlus. But he at first told that if u wanna free upgrade so go for KSCloud.

1. What will happen with KTS users? Will they get free upgrade to kaspersky plus? 

2. I have 1 license not activated for KIS. will it be upgrade to standard right?


I dont like suscriptions this is why i like buying codes like "prepay", which means "not automated payings".

1. When will Kaspersky be selling codes (like the box that i showed u)?.


I heard about kaspersky cleaner but kaspersky latam dont talk about it. Is it fake or smth? I need a cleaner and KTS just offer for a long time no used apps. I need something for instant things.

1. What app do u recomend me to get so i can clean my pc?

2. Is CCleaner safe to use?

3. Does Kaspersky plus have this feautre?

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1.) If you log out from your my.kaspersky from kaspersky window it should be work because it is key inserted to the program.
2.) If you want uninstall program make you sure that you check box save license data if you want again install kaspersky into your pc this will automatically loads your license... And also better and faster is save cnfig file and import config file with current settings.

1.) KTS Kaspersky total securiy is now called Kaspersky Plus... There are 3 versions :
a.) KAV - Kaspersky AntiVirus --> Kaspersky Basic 
b.) KIS - Kaspersky Internet Security --> Kaspersky Standard
c.) KTS - Kaspersky Total Security --> Kaspersky Plus 

As you can see it is only renamed same products.

2.) Yes KIS is Kaspersky Standard license will work because same product.

1.) Program for cleaning? Rather Not use NONE! Simply windows have disk cleaner integrated.
2.) Ccleaner was safe but now who knows... Rather do not use. Have registry cleaner which can do your windows might crash
3.) Yes Kaspersky Plus have some feature for cleaning and maintenance etc....


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KTS will disappear as a product, We can say that KTS and KSCloud will be merged in the new product K. Plus.


And for now, it is impossible to migrate/use KTS licenses in K. Plus (and probably never will), so if You want a K. similar featured app in the new K. line product you have to buy a KSCloud license that will activate directly K. Plus new product.

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1. Until now no one says about KTS, just they "confirmed" that just KSC will be upgraded, in other words, KTS future is unsure

2. I just need a pc cleaner bc i often uninstall programs but kaspersky dont clean well or i want to do it instant not waiting months to do it. i have "trash" apps or not cleaned at all so i need that kind of software.

3. Is there a video how can i "remove" 6 theft protection in my phone, just in case ill switch to a newer one. Bc someone told me that id lock my phone if i disconnected it without removing that feature


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2 hours ago, Facu3095 said:
  1. someone told me that id lock my phone if i disconnected it without removing that feature


Hello @Facu3095

  1. What we said was/is:

Do not use the MyKaspersky Disconnect option, IF ANTI-THEFT is enabled.


The phone will lose connection to (your) MyKaspersky account, the phone will not be able to receive recovery commands; the phone will be locked, by the Kaspersky software (KIS or Kaspersky Standard), it will not be able to be unlocked, because the connection between the phone & (your) MyKaspersky account no longer exits. 

IF you wish to "remove" theft protection, from the phone - on the phone, in KIS or Kaspersky Standard, turn OFF, all ANTI-THEFT options BEFORE selecting the MyKaspersky DISCONNECT option. 

🔴IF the phone is LOCKED with KIS or Kaspersky Standard ANTI-THEFT - DON'T use MyKaspersky DISCONNECT‼️

Before you ever need ANTI-THEFT - in REAL life, i.e. like now when you need to know how everything works, set ANTI-THEFT, Take a Mugshot, or Trigger an alarm, turn OFF all other ANTI-THEFT options, then, from your MyKaspersky account, take the option to trigger the alarm & see what happens with the phone & learn how to unlock it, with your normal phone pin code & also learn how to unlock it with the recovery code sent from (Your) MyKaspersky account.

💥Remember: IF the MyKaspersky DISCONNECT DEVICE option is used the phone cannot receive any commands. Don't use MyKaspersky DISCONNECT DEVICE, IF ANTI-THEFT is enabled💥

Thank you🙏

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