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  1. poco x3 con miui 14 Kandroid versión anterior a la actual (justo actualice) Si está vinculado de forma correcta
  2. No se porque ultimamente mi kaspersky de Android se anda desactivando solo. Estoy siendo hackeado? Siempre mi cuenta se desconceta del antivirus. Se desactivan todas las funciones del android (proteger sim, bloquear telefono, desactivar instalación etc etc).
  3. ES EL CAPTCHA, me sale que confirme que no soy bot, pero nunca sale para resolver el captcha, no puedo entrar a mi cuenta
  4. 1- Pero no es reflejado en el My Kaspersky 2- Si se renueva automaticamente cuando el otro ya venció pero estoy perdiendo días sabes con el kplus que se activa solo
  5. Aunque en el mismo android me dice 51 días que cae 1/1/2024
  6. Lo siento por demorar en contestar. 1- Mi prioridad es no joder mi celular ya que tengo entendido que puede bloquearse si es que lo desvinculo de mi cuenta teniendo kaspersky Quiero quitar mi celular del plus y ponerlo al internet security que es donde pertenece
  7. Mayorista, Parece que no puedo eliminar la licencia. Me aparece esto en el kplus: Yo no he comprado en Kaspersky, lo he comprado a un mayorista de Kaspersky, confíe en ti y este fue el resultado. Debió ser más específico en su aclaración.
  9. Also remove My Kaspersky data in the K. product of that system. HOW?
  10. JUST WANNA. 1- First my both license expire first. (KTS and KIS phone) 2- KPlus new main account would be in TECHO (this pc where im writting this) 3- Dont wanna lose "days" bc this automatization and know how to change it to "manual"
  11. 1- FIRST OF ALL Why did it start running even i didnt do anything it was all AUTOMATIZED WITHOUT MY CONSENT 2- WHY THERE IS OTHER ACCOUNT (my old 10 membership account) EVEN THE RED CROWN IS NOT MY PC (PC WHERE I WROTE THE CODE) 3- PLZ I NEED SUPPORT WHO WILL HELP ME PLZ. im frustating right now. 4- This is my old membership 5- mi phone license IDK WHY KASPERSKY AUTOMATIZED.
  12. ok but its like a "breach". I mean "clean" tools then they become any malware after you acepting "terms" or permission. Id like Kapersky do researchs from most apps used which use that "strategy". Theres another question. If kapersky didnt do anything or say "this app is good", is it really good or just kapersky hasnt detect it. i know AV works with well known viruses, but it would be good kaspersky make report with apps too, they do with google, microsoft. As every other AV consumer, i just wanna feel secure. if i didnt research more, i would possible get spyware without knowing. trust is very important to AV, if i dont trust why would i still buying suscription
  13. "Big Star Labs" spyware campaign affects over 11,000,000 people (adguard.com) Also is so strange that it got deleted from play store tbh. it would be that seems to be a "clean" app but when they ask you for "permissions" to make app work it could be spyware. Will it? Because i think it will be running at the same time. I dont wanna have a running license without using it. Thx
  14. 1- I download Blocksite in spite of Windows 11 dont recognize it as a program (marked it yellow) but kapersky didnt detect anything so i trust. 2- It seems to there is a spyware (read on news) so idk if its trusted or not) its used for million of people and i have never read anything wrong until now. 3- The owner is Big star lab, seems to be a fishy company. If kapersky is the best, why does it allow it? other topic: 1- i only have 1 month remaining (10 accounts membership) i decide to just have 3 devices. But i want to buy suscription now be4 i dont have time or patience to do it. Must i wait bc of the suscription or i can separete myself from the 10 devices membership
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