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  1. 2. i dont know what you mean, i think it saves automatically. i didnt export a file. Its saved i think bc i didnt do anything to kaspersky when i gave my pc 3. I dont think so, i didnt do anything to KPM be4 gave my pc. I didnt do back up, i didnt disconnect. All config are the same as be4 i gave.
  2. Im planning to move my account to another pc, the problem is that the old pc is been fixed by a professional (is trusty) but i dont know if disconnect my pc bc there are passwords that i dont wanna lose, also idk if whatssap would be safe to transfer my password file (the export config when changing pc). is there smth that i can do it while the old pc is been fixed? Kaspersky dont save your password on cloud right? i mean if i log in another pc and download KPM, my passwords wont be there?
  3. 1. La más reciente en esa fecha. 2. No se cual pero era uno crack creo (vino con la pc) 3. Ese icono de pc que te indica que estaba conectado al mykaspersky (decía 1 de 10 conectados) pero ahora está vacío 4. He activado 9 de 10, es por eso que no quiero gastar el último código ya que sería un desperdicio gracias. 5. porque el password manager me sale el gratis si compre con KTS
  4. Instale personal el kaspersky a otra persona cuya computadora tiene windows 8, hice los mismos procedimientos pero me sale error, antes me mostraba el icono de la computadora pero ya no. El kaspersky total security me funciona bi en pero no se porque el password manager me da el gratis, ya que el KTS viene con el password premium. Adjunto fotos.
  5. 1. Until now no one says about KTS, just they "confirmed" that just KSC will be upgraded, in other words, KTS future is unsure 2. I just need a pc cleaner bc i often uninstall programs but kaspersky dont clean well or i want to do it instant not waiting months to do it. i have "trash" apps or not cleaned at all so i need that kind of software. 3. Is there a video how can i "remove" 6 theft protection in my phone, just in case ill switch to a newer one. Bc someone told me that id lock my phone if i disconnected it without removing that feature
  6. HI, thx for your time i have lots of question and if u can help me id be so thankful. Im changing my pc with my mom. Both have diff kasperky accounts but the same KTS. 1. If i log out my kaspersky account, antivirus wont work? 2. The easiest way is just export my config. or i must uninstall and install again? I didnt know that kasperky would change their plans so soon. spanish mod recently told me that KTS and KSCloud -> KPlus. But he at first told that if u wanna free upgrade so go for KSCloud. 1. What will happen with KTS users? Will they get free upgrade to kaspersky plus? 2. I have 1 license not activated for KIS. will it be upgrade to standard right? I dont like suscriptions this is why i like buying codes like "prepay", which means "not automated payings". 1. When will Kaspersky be selling codes (like the box that i showed u)?. I heard about kaspersky cleaner but kaspersky latam dont talk about it. Is it fake or smth? I need a cleaner and KTS just offer for a long time no used apps. I need something for instant things. 1. What app do u recomend me to get so i can clean my pc? 2. Is CCleaner safe to use? 3. Does Kaspersky plus have this feautre?
  7. Más que nada fue una queja ya que segun esto da a entender que solo el KSCloud tendrá ese upgrade en cambio el KTS se dejará de lado siendo el producto más vendido de kaspersky y siendo el más comercial (el KSC no se encuentra en forma de licencia, solo de suscripción). Lo cual lo veo muy incoherente.
  8. Lo siento xD es que para en los 2 foros y no me fije, estás diciendo que KTS va a ser kasperky plus verdad. Pero como se hara la actualización? O es servicio aparte? (debo esperar que se acabe mi licencia para comprar el plus)
  9. Well im a new customer, aslo customers rarely use forums unless they have problems with it. Why dont u just write a disclaimer about the new Ks, i mean person which buys obv the first sight is the "products side" also from KTS to plus. How its the deal, discount? because idk why kaspersky cloud will be upgrade to plus and not KTS (which is the most sold product) Also i dont see the kaspersky basic or theres no info about.
  10. Bueno debería haber una advertencia que estan sacando nuevo producto no?
  11. i want to add 2 more things. 4. ive bought KTS but there will be another Kasperky products, KTS will have support until finish 2023 or will i get the kasperky premium or at least plus. 5. for point 1. its from a spanish mod
  12. Recien he comprado el Kaspersky TS por 1 año, entonces que pasará con mi licencia que es nueva. Será al kaspersky plus, al premium o mantendré mi licencia hasta que se acabe (me refiero que ese servicio seguirá vigente)
  13. 1. I dont get it, i have shared with my family 9 the same code. All different kasperky accounts, so there are 10 devices enabled at the same time. I cant reach 11 so how can i add to my phone? i think disconnecting my pc if it was possible this is why im asking. 2. idk why i cant active "anti spam" if i have already activated. Sometimes it gets off by itself. It didnt work bc im still getting spam in my email and it was an important reason of buying kasperky bc i wanted to get my email protected. Hope you can help me tho. And sorry if i took much of your time. 3. for point 1. Just imagine i just bought 1 code for 1 device. I want to change to phone (when im out) or pc (when im in). i wanna know if it would be possible.
  14. 1. so i can change my pc to my phone. Only with 1 code. My pc wont have kasperky protection and my phone will do.
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