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Mouse/keyboard issues

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Does Kaspersky install its own mouse or keyboard drivers or change mouse/keyboard registry settings anymore? I read there were some issues regarding this in the past.

And why would the software have to do any such thing?

Excuse my ignorance but I’m a noob at antivirus. 
considering switching from Norton to Kaspersky. 
thank you 

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@Miroo Welcome.

Please see "klkbdflt.sys" File Version info MD5 → 399bcefc1ac75cd01fec08fde39b9f82



Copyright © 2023 AO Kaspersky Lab. All Rights Reserved.
Product Coretech Delivery
Description : Keyboard Device Filter [fre_win7_x64]
Internal Name klkbdflt
File Version 30.1369.0.90
Date signed 2023-05-30 14:28:00 UTC


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On 9/12/2023 at 3:23 PM, Miroo said:

Aren't those kaspersky drivers for keyboard and mouse?

Just asking cause I went through a lot of issues because of these two thugs 😆


mouse drivers.png


I recently purchased a Crumar Performer that has some keyboard issues. The bottom C is completely dead and the other 4 C's have a very long sustain, regardless of where the slider is positioned in the Strings section. All the other keys are fine. I've taken it apart and cleaned the contacts but that hasn't helped at all. Any ideas? Thanks!

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