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Missing context menu search


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Hi everyone.


Quite a few months ago the option to scan files disappeard from the context menu. I reinstalled Kaspersky and it came back. Then it happened again. I reinstalled Kaspersky and it came back again. I think it happened a few more times. Then it happened again but I didn't feel like reinstalling Kaspersky.


Today I felt like fixing it and reinstalled Kaspersky. However, the option to scan files from the context menu didn't came back. I searched and found that I could try restoring the settings to the defaults. I tried that, restarted Windows and nothing changed.


One weird thing that changed after reinstalling is that, if I right-click an empty space in a folder I do get a Kaspersky entry, but it's a folder and no further options appear if I select it.


Please help as not having this feature is something that makes me want to start using another AV.


Windows 11 Pro, version 22H2, compilation 22621.1413

Kaspersky Free version


Thanks in advance.


debug 0.png

debug 1.png

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