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Merge KPM to KIS

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Hello @jOsefuz


  • KPM is included in Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) & Kaspersky Security Cloud (KSC), not Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) or Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV).
  • KIS includes Kaspersky’s Free VPN, which gives 200mb daily data limit, increases to 300mb/daily, if a one time sign-in to your MyKaspersky account is made, KVPN Free also automatically selects the remote virtual server, users cannot change this, & may have advertising & marketing.  

Also, because, the Kaspersky product range has significant differences, depending on which OS the software is installed on. it helps us, when topics are posted, to tell us:

  1. System name & operating system version & build
  2. Kaspersky application version & patch(x)
  • And, if you’re ever reporting a problem, including the information above, full screen images & Kaspersky Reports are always very helpful please? 
  • Regarding the duplicated topic, in the wrong section, do not worry! When the Moderators have time, they will kindly fix that. 

Thank you🙏


Additional resource:
Read before you create a new topic! Tutorial, by @Danila T. 

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Hi @Flood and Flood's wife ,


Thanks for the quick response.


I am using Windows 10 Pro Latest version and KIS and KPM latest version as well.


My main concern is merging/integrating KPM to the KIS application so we won’t need to install KPM as a separate.


Since KPM is free for first 15 entry, i think it can be merged to KIS as well, not just KTS. :)


Thank you,

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Hello @jOsefuz

You’re most welcome☺ !

We do understand your concern, however, the product range is as follows:




KSC - PREMIUM Adaptive → Cloud Security SUITE

  • PREMIUM KPM & PREMIUM Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK) are included with the PREMIUM AV software from the Home users range.
  • KPM Free is available, irrespective of installed Kaspersky version. 
  • We may be wrong, however, atm & into the future, we do not believe Kaspersky has any plans to incorporate Premium KPM into KIS. 

Thank you🙏


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