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Make it possible to add one child to multiple profiles on one device?


Make it possible to add one child to multiple profiles on one device?  

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Not sure if this has been suggested before?

I would like the ability to add one child to more than one profile on one device in windows so that their daily time limit can be shared over the multiple profiles he/she has access to.

So in my use case, I have PC games on my steam profile and he/she has their own Steam profile with games. Short of buying games twice or more for each users profile I would prefer sharing games. To make it easier and not need to share passwords, I can create another windows profile with access to my games. Currently I have to log them in and then modify their time limit based on how much time they have used already and add that to the other windows profile and then remove remaining time from the former profile they were on. This is a lot of admin.

Therefore if I can add their Kaspersky user profile to multiple windows profiles, it would be a lot simpler.

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Hello @Doringblik


  1. The request needs to be logged with Kaspersky support, select either Chat or Email, then fill in the Feedback, I have a suggestion template. Provide as much information as possible, as you have above; support may communicate with you & discuss the proposal. 
  • All requests go thru the relevant team/s, not all requests are successful & even successful requests may take a long time to be implemented. 

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏

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Response received from customer support.


"Dear customer, 


Thank you for your suggestions. 

Upon checking, this suggestion is already listed on our database with suggestion number: 2840390. 

Right now it's hard for us to say how long it will take to implement them because all features are planned and evaluated way in advance. But do keep an eye out for updates.

We remain at your disposal for further assistance.

Kind regards,

Darwin | Customer Service Representative"

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