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"Login to your My Kaspersky account has been detected" & the safety of passwords

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I'm running Kaspersky Total Security (j) on Windows 10 Version 22H2 (I feel I should point out my hard drive is currently failing). Last Thursday I got a Windows notification from KTS saying "Login to your My Kaspersky account has been detected" which was a mystery to me, until I figured out it was probably a tab open to My Kaspersky which had refreshed as I'd sped by it and "re logged in". I do, however have 2fa turned on, so this still concerned me. I changed my MK password and also my Kaspersky Password Manager Main password out of an abundance of caution. A few times now in fact. One reason is that the notifications have happened again when I certainly haven't logged in or been anywhere near a tab. I'm really more concerned about my passwords that anything else, and would like confirmation that My Kaspersky and PW Manager are separate, and that my unique, strong, stored-nowhere digitally main password is enough to protect my information. These frequent notifications are also quite annoying, and unnerving. I hope this was the correct section to put this.

Thank you. 

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