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KSWS spawns a lot of PR*.tmp files [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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You might notice that large files named like PR*.tmp appear in C:\Windows\Temp.


This is known and expected behavior. When the product scans an object it creates a temporary copy, names it like PR*.tmp and places it in the temp folder.Once the scan is complete, this temporary file gets deleted.

Large PR*.tmp files mean that some large objects are scanned by OAS (On-Access Scan) or ODS (On-Demand Scan).


In some cases there might be not enough space of drive to create large temporary file. Below are the possible solutions:

  1. Exclude large objects from OAS and ODS;
  2. In OAS and ODS settings, enable option 'Do not scan compound objects larger than' and specify required size in MB;
  3. Change the folder where KSWS temporary files are created to a drive with higher capacity. In KSWS11 this can be achieved by editing Application settings → Scalability, interface and scan settings → Scan settings → 'Folder for temporary files created during scanning'. In KSWS10 use below registry entry:
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