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KSWS Error sending the request to KSN 0x80000063 (0x80000500) [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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This error message means that KSWS KSN-Client was unable to reach KSN Cloud servers (in most cases if KSN Proxy is used).

Possible causes of the issue:

  • Various transport-level issues
  • KSC Server has been moved to another host with new DNS-name and IP-address

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check that option "Bypass proxy for local addresses" is enabled (KSC server properties > Advanced > Configure Internet access)
  2. Check that option "Use UDP port 15111" is disabled:
    2.1 Administration server properties -> KSN Proxy -> KSN Proxy settings
    2.2 Network Agent policy properties -> Distribution points -> KSN Proxy
  3. Check that KSC server could successfully establish connection to KSN
    • KSN Proxy server statistics is updated
  4. Check that in KES policy option "Use KSN servers when KSN Proxy is not available" is disabled. And KES is able to successfully establish connection with KSN and KSN statistic is populated correctly. Otherwise, KES might establish a direct connection to KSN, bypassing KSN Proxy.
  5. Check that port 443, 13111 TCP used by KSN proxy are available on proxy or company's firewall. For more information about ports which KSC uses please use KB article.
  6. Check that Port Control or Detect Protocol features are disabled on the corporate proxy servers, firewalls. Non-SSL traffic should be allowed on 443 port.
  7. If you use Squid, upgrade to the latest version. We have a confirmation that older versions of Squid have some issues, which might lead to this problem.
  8. On KSC open Advanced -> Remote installation -> right click on 'Installation packages' node -> Properties. Make sure that correct server address is specified. In the address is incorrect then specify the right one -> recreate Nagent package -> reinstall Nagent on client hosts using the new package.
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