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KSWS corrupt installation [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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If you found out that KSWS installations are somehow corrupted, and you're not able to remove it using conventional means (using misexec and/or appwiz.cpl), please do not use kavremover and/or mszap tools. Do not attempt removing the product manually as our goal is to determine the root cause of the product moving to this inconsistent state.


Please provide Kaspersky Support with the pertinent GSI log of the affected host and KSWS msi installer logs containing all the previous installations/modifications of the product that have led it to its current state.

Locate and copy all msi files from the windows temp folder and the user temp folders:



Or simply collect all files from those folders from the affected machine.

Also, clarify the exact timestamp when the issue have started to occur, or an approximate date and time when you have noticed the problem on the affected host for the first time, and when the last time was when the product was working just fine on the said host as well.

Based on this data it will be potentially possible to provide an automated msiexec string to repair and/or removing the product automatically, and more importantly it will give us a better chance of determining the root cause.

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