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KSSOS7 on Windows 10 1909

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Hello everyone.


Hi have currently WIndows 10 1909 fresh updated from 1903.

its x64, I have 12 GB of ram, lots of space. Everything worked great about 2 weeks ago, all of the sudden thins started to go weird in a lot of thins, opening and closing regular stuff like Firefox, adobe reader, iTunes, outlook.


When i started with issued, i had Malware bytes version 3 installed.


I uninstalled KSSOS7 and I noticed things were a lot better, then I installed again KSSOS and i noticed, it mention that malware bytes wasn't compatible, so i updated to the just fresh one (version 4) but apparently not.


I cannot make a point system restore, because is not working, whenever its close to finish it restarts and says, t wasnt possible.


Any advice?

Is it the version windows 10 1909 it self the problem?

is it any kaspersky product with the malware bytes?


What should I do?




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