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KSOS certificate problem with Thebat! Email Client

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When I open Thebat! to download the new  mail messages KSOS launches a popup which reads that a certificate problem has been detected in the encrypted connection and offers me either to close the connection or to continue. I have chosen to continue but every time I open Thebat! I notice that the client takes a long time to check the mailboxes. This does not occur if KSOS is uninstalled from the operating system: windows 10 enterprise.
Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?
Thank you!


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Hi, this didn't help me. I added gmail.c om to exclusions. Then I added TheBat to trusted apps. See screenshots. Yet, every time there is this message. It doesn't help that I have to switch to a mouse to click this annoying popup every time I receive new email... I loved TheBat precisely because mouse wasn't needed, and I didn't need to do many clicks to just load an email... please help! 





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@harlan4096, g-ec2.images-amazon.com is not a mail server. I think pictures are inserted into the email from this domain.

@Anna M, do you have Windows 7 or Windows 10(11)?

This setting will not work:



You need to add the program itself to trusted applications, and not a link to it.

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Hi -- I have Windows 10. Thank you!

Adding each domain will prove to be a major pain given we all normally receive many emails with links to many domains! To be honest, it is a major pain at this moment. The problems started when I upgraded to the new version of TheBat.

Could you please teach me how to add TheBat itself to the trusted programs?

Also: will that mean that I have no email antivirus? 

I added smtp.gmail.com, pop.gmail.com, smtp.mail.ru, pop.mail.ru to the list of trusted addresses. We will see if that helps. 

Thank you again. 

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@Anna M, try disabling encrypted connections scan in TheBat:

Open the main application window.

Click the More Tools button.

The Tools window opens.

In the Tools window, go to the Manage applications section.

Click the Application Control link to open the Application Control window.

In the Application Control window, click the Manage applications link to open the Manage applications window.

In the list select TheBat.
Double-click the application name to open the Application rules window.
In the Application rules window, go to the Exclusions tab.
Click on the Do not scan all traffic link and select Do not scan encrypted traffic.

In the Action column, click the icon to open the context menu and select Allow.

Click the Save button.






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