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  1. Hi -- I have Windows 10. Thank you! Adding each domain will prove to be a major pain given we all normally receive many emails with links to many domains! To be honest, it is a major pain at this moment. The problems started when I upgraded to the new version of TheBat. Could you please teach me how to add TheBat itself to the trusted programs? Also: will that mean that I have no email antivirus? I added smtp.gmail.com, pop.gmail.com, smtp.mail.ru, pop.mail.ru to the list of trusted addresses. We will see if that helps. Thank you again.
  2. Hi, this didn't help me. I added gmail.c om to exclusions. Then I added TheBat to trusted apps. See screenshots. Yet, every time there is this message. It doesn't help that I have to switch to a mouse to click this annoying popup every time I receive new email... I loved TheBat precisely because mouse wasn't needed, and I didn't need to do many clicks to just load an email... please help!
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