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KSC cloud find vulnerability task error

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KSC  cloud find vulnerability task error 

System patch management: Internet API error 12030 ("ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED") #1181 (-2147012866) COM error 0x80072EFE (wcode: 0) ''<5xppaALmx6aaJAgipsaZj0>Error details: 1181/-2147012866 (COM error 0x80072EFE (wcode: 0) ''), c:\a\c\g_3j9s3cdd\s\product\osmp\ksc\dev\nagent\vapm\wua_manager.cpp, 2340


System patch management: 0x80072efe "Internet API error 12030 ("ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED")";


Find vulnerabilities and required updates has been completed (with errors). Vulnerabilities detected: critical severity level - 0, high severity level - 0, medium severity level - 0

Please help us to resolve this issue



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