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KPM "tabbing out" of window MacOS

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There is a mildly frustrating bug that occurs when I am not signed into Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM). I will be browsing Chrome and the KPM icon in the top right will shake then "tab out" of the current window forcing me to click back into Chrome to resume browsing. This happens on any site where a sign-in is required, regardless of if I have an account with them or not. 

I don't always need to be signed into KPM but when I am it's because I need to be.

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It also appears that you've been compromising someone else's computers' Kaspersky security by breaching it through your home WiFi network... Care to explain?


(Megan Inman, is it?)


[FBI will be seeking further support for the afflicted]

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Properly had found the perpetrators info upon matters, that have not been reported, yet.
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