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KPM on Microsoft Edge keeps loading forever...(does not launch)


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This is the second time I am trying to use the KPM on Microsoft Edge browser and it failed for the second time (from different computer, a fresh new Dell PC ).

I have paid for the product and it does not run on Microsoft Edge… If the program was intended to not run on Microsoft Edge then Kaspersky should have mention that. Kaspersky should not offer a product if it has not been fully tested on all browsers. Otherwise don’t bother offering a “Premium” product…

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Hello  @Luminous,

💥 According to Kaspersky, KPM extension for Edge is supported💥

➡ The KPM Microsoft Edge extension can be downloaded and installed only from the Microsoft official store.

❓ Was Edge browser closed when KPM was installed? 

❓ Was the computer rebooted after installing KPM? 

1 Before unistalling Edge and or the KPM extension:

2 Check Kaspersky Password Manager for Microsoft Windows Computer requirements

3 Make sure ALL Windows Updates have a Successful status.

4 Repair or reset Microsoft Edge: 

Select  Windows Start  button, select  SettingsApps, Apps & features, Microsoft EdgeAdvanced options, select  Reset  button. 

5 Reboot computer, login. 

6With Edge browser closed, open KPM application, select  Settings, select  Browsers, if you wish for Edge to be the “default” browser, select  Edge.

7KPM, Selected Browsers, select Edge

8 Reboot computer, login. 

➡ Open Edge browser: recheck issue:

✅ Fixed? Please let us know? 

☢ Not fixed? Please log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support. The support team will request a GSI & Windows Logs and Traces, support will guide you with the collection of the Traces.  

  • Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you🙏

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I have paid for the product and it does not run on Microsoft Edge…
Can I uninstall Microsoft Edge? 

1- KPM is functioning perfectly with Microsoft Edge , please see screenshot below.

2- Edge however is shipped with  and a part of the Windows operating system,
and therefore uninstall/reinstall Edge could be a tricky operation.
For ? how to ?  you may find some recommendations on the Microsoft Community.

Also, your current problem could be related to your KPM configuration as well as an OS or Browser malfunction.
If no fix is provided on this Forum , please contact K-Lab Technical Support




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