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KIS & Microsoft Defender

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Hi, sometimes I run a full scan with Microsoft Defender. Today I looked at task manager:


Question: Why Kaspersky (while not scanning) should use 30% of cpu when another trusted legitimate antivirus software is scanning? Why not let it go?, so I can have some free resources available on my pc?


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Hello @Kasperov,

what you are observing is the active real-time protection of KIS.
Defender opens files, creates temporary files and eventually calls subroutines (e.g. to unzip files). File-AV and the program control of KIS of course investigate what is going on.

In KIS you can create exceptions for other AV programs so that their activity or access to the file system is not monitored.



(The image is from Kaspersky Standard, but the options are also included in KIS.)

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Thanks @Schulte, I thought maybe when Kaspersky trusts an application doesn't control its activity in a smart way (or at least make an exception for Microsoft Defender), but didn't know I can manually tell it to do so. As you showed, I found it in application rules in KIS.

Thank you

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