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Kaspersky shows issues about twice a week on Samsung phone

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I installed Kaspersky Internet Security in my 2 computers and my phone, and I trust it to shield me against all threats, that's why I installed it in the first place! I watch The PC Security Channel, they test all antivirus products, and K is number one. That's why I switched from BitDefender to Kaspersky. My problem is that my Samsung phone blocks Kaspersky continuously, Kaspersky shows the issue, and I have to go to Settings, Apps and allow K's permissions again and again. Of course I want K to check my phone and all my apps! Otherwise why would I have an antivirus that is limited in its work?

I am sure I'm not the only user with this problem.

My question is: is there a way I can eliminate this Android interference once and for all?

Thanks, and go Kaspersky!

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