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Kaspersky Plus is slowing down my computer

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I have been using KIS for more than 10 years, and on this pc for 3 yrs. Not a single problem. 

My 3 yrs of KIS expired. And I switched to Plus due to additional VPN service. Once I switched to Plus, i don't notice anything right away. But it is slowing down my computer more and more everyday. Now, it gets pretty obvious. 

e.g. when I open youtube.com in chrome, the webpage stuck for about 2 seconds, then all the content shows. Even more ridiculous, when I open task manager, it also stuck for 2 seconds. And some icons start to stop responding for a few seconds now. I just tried to pause the Kaspersky Plus so I can test if it is the reason. Then that "Pause Protection" gets stuck for 5 seconds. It's like your desktop got frozen you can't click at anything. 

Once it's paused, everything goes back to normal. This is really getting into my way now. Never had any of this problem with KIS. I already turned off "Safe Browsing", "Mail Anti-Virus","Anti-Phising" and all that crap. It is still the same. 

So could any one tell me compares to KIS, what are the additional features so I can turn them off to get my KIS experience back. VPN speed is kind of ridiculous. I wish I bought 3 yrs of KIS instead. 

I see "System Watcher" and "Instrusion Prevention" that might be the problem. Are they really necessary?

Thx in advance.

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I downloaded installer and installed Kaspersky Plus. During the installation, KIS was automatically uninstalled as I know.

However, plus took over all the settings, rules and quarantines from KIS.

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Since I don't really notice any difference after the plus installation. It's more of a gradual process. And during the installation it says it will uninstall KIS then did the installation. I don't believe it's an "update" per se.

I am just wondering is there any list of features additional to KIS so I can try to turn them off?

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Here You are some features You can disable in KPlus:


- Security Settings -> Weak Settings Scan


- In Performance Settings:

* Application Updater

* PC Performance Optimizations: Clean-Up and Speed-Up (and un tick what you want there)

- Hard drive Health check -> Perform Hard drive Health Scan

Also, You may disable Anti-Banner + Private Browsing (and use uBlock Origin add-on for browsers instead), both modules usually still slowdown the surfing in Web.

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I'm having the same issue here.

My OS is Windows 11 x64, and updated from Kaspersky Antivirus to K-Plus.

Did the same installation process (k-plus installed and removed kav)

Since then, My browser stucks sometimes when clicking on a link or performing a seach in Google, for example. It happens mostly the first time. If I repeat the same search or click the link, it's faster.


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On 10/18/2023 at 11:34 AM, harlan4096 said:

Maybe You can try to do a clean install, uninstalling previously... and then install.

Well, I tried a clean install, and I also tried disabling the features you posted before, but it seems not to work.

I am also trying with two browsers (Firefox and Chrome)


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My previous Kaspersky is about to expire so I renewed to KPlus to get the VPN service. I took the step to update it in MyKaspersky.

Once I did that I don't notice anything right away, but now it is slowing down my computer specifically I'm having video issues. When I try to edit videos it is glitchy. Plus, my zoom calls have been crashing, and MP4 files don’t load as quickly as they used to. I tried clearing the cache and steps above, but I am still having issues.

Windows 10 Core x64

Application version (a)


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