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Kaspersky Password Manager has outbound TCP connection


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Hi everyone

I’ve been going through my outbound connections of my PC the other day and I noticed that the Kaspersky Password Manager app has three outbound connections:

  1. TCP:; port:443
  2. TCP:; port:443
  3. TCP:; port:443

I find it a little suspicious that the app which stores all of my passwords has an outbound connection to the internet. I know that these are probably Kaspersky Servers but I still find it weird. Does anyone have any information on this matter that could explain things in detail? I have tried finding info on the web but my search was fruitless.


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@Nefertiti Welcome. The data is highly encrypted and worthless to anyone who does not have the key.

I am completely aware of that and I believe that it still does not answer the question of what prevents KPM from sending my master password through an outbound connection. The master password is the encryption key. So what prevents KPM from sending the master password through an outbound connection when it is typed in?

I believe Kaspersky is responsible of explaining why its product has an outbound connection to servers if it is advertised as a 100% safe tool for storing confidential information.

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KPM FAQ : “Kaspersky Password Manager encrypts data using a symmetric key algorithm based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – this AES algorithm is used worldwide to protect top-secret data.”

For additional details about the product security level, please contact K-Lab Technical Support.

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