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Kaspersky is detecting Rust compiled executables as Trojans.

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I am a software developer and have used KTS for years. I recently started learning Rust, when I built a simple "Hello World" program, KTS won't let it run. It keeps deleting the executable and displaying it as VHO:Trojan.Win32.Sdum.gen. Please fix this, I am using the official rustc compiler.  

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On 7/16/2023 at 1:27 PM, Berny said:

@sameert89 Welcome.

Please submit the executable to https://opentip.kaspersky.com and ask for reanalyze.

Hello I developer and i developing a desktop aplication at Visual Studio 2022, tha aplication is new just a main windows form. and kaspersky detected the excecutable file as a virus.
This is a issue. i need to continue but a cant do it. 


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Add the folder or file to the exclusion list, so Kaspersky won't detect it (only if you really trust the application and know it's really safe - at your own risk)
 Add file and folders to exclusions ↓
  • Open the Kaspersky interface
  • In the lower left corner select the gear symbol (setting)
  • Click "Security Settings"
  • Scroll down and click → Exclusions and actions on object detection
  • Scroll down again and click → Manage exclusions
  • Click "Add"
  • Under "File or folder", select the file or folder to exclude from scanning
  • Under Protection components, select "All components" or a specific component you want
  • Under "Status", select → Active
  • Click → Add
  • Click → Ok
  • Click → Save
Additionally, please send the file to Kaspersky Virus Lab for analysis
To do this, do:
  • Go to the site → KasperskyThreat Intelligence Portal
  • On the bottom left-hand side of the page, click on → Sign in
  • After logging in with your My Kaspersky account click on the → File Analysis tab
  • In the "Drag & drop to upload" field click → Add File
  • Select the file you want to send for analysis
  • (optional) If you want the analysis to be hidden from other Kaspersky users, check the box → Private submission
  • To send the file, click → Analyze
  • Wait for the complete result (this may take a few minutes).
  • NOTE: The analysis tool is limited to just 1 file per day.
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