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  1. I have submitted it, opentip says the file is safe somehow, still I submitted it. Here is the virustotal summary https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0dc84444121bd401b7942cfb7299d59c53311ccff34d268a3ca20e3b1d5ce0cf/detection 24 hours after submitting to opentip the label has changed from VHO:Trojan.Win32.Sdum.gen to UDS:Trojan.Win32.Inject
  2. I am a software developer and have used KTS for years. I recently started learning Rust, when I built a simple "Hello World" program, KTS won't let it run. It keeps deleting the executable and displaying it as VHO:Trojan.Win32.Sdum.gen. Please fix this, I am using the official rustc compiler.
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