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Kaspersky is blocking the update in real time of charts from Binance


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Windows 11 Pro 64bit - build: 22621.1105
Kaspersky Security Cloud(free version - j)


When I enter on some chart from Binance (ex: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_BUSD?theme=dark&type=spot), the data(tick-price, bids, asks, etc.) is not updating in real-time and I have to refresh the page to see the last data.

I have added `binance.com` as trusted domain, but the problem still persists.

I have tried to stop the protection one by one (Web Anti-Virus, File Anti-Virus, etc.), even completely Pause, but still not working.

I observed that if I stop(exit) Kaspersky, the data starts to update in real time.

I have tried with Chrome(109.0.5414.120) and it works perfectly with Kaspersky ON.

How I can fix this?

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Hi @raul1ro

Will this help? 
- Open Kaspersky > Settings > General > uncheck Enable self-defence option.
- Save settings > unload Kaspersky by right-click on the 'Green shield' Kaspersky icon in System Tray (on the bottom right corner of your screen) and select “Exit”. When asked if you are sure you want to exit, please click on “Continue”.
- Go to C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\Report
- Delete content of folder.
- Launch Kaspersky, enable self-defence and check.

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Ah, I see now, you have version j, that still has not implemented masks (* ?) for these Exclusions.


You would have to update / migrate Your KSCloud 21.3 to the new Kaspersky product line, which is being released currently in different country regions, to get this new feature ?


Your K. Security Cloud license will migrate automatically to the new Kaspersky Plus 21.9 (the product I used to show the Exclusion).


Where are you from? Versions 21.8 and 21.9 are already available in some countries ?

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hi @raul1ro, disabling scan of encrypted connections is not offered as a solution, it is only for diagnostic purposes. Since it helps, we need to find out which urls are to be added to Trusted addresses to remedy this issue. To achieve this, please do the following: 

- enable back scan of encrypted connections

- enable traces (here is the instruction: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/12797)

- restart Kaspersky (exit and start again) and restart the browser

- open binance site to reproduce the issue

- disable traces

- upload the logs to some cloud and send me via PM the link

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