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  1. @harlan4096, Oh, I see. Then I will wait for the new version. I am from Romania.
  2. @harlan4096 I already tried with trusted addresses as `binance.com`, and didn't worked. With your example `*binance.com*`, it's giving me the error `Invalid format`
  3. Windows 11 Pro 64bit - build: 22621.1105 Firefox(109.0) Kaspersky Security Cloud(free version - j) Hello, When I enter on some chart from Binance (ex: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_BUSD?theme=dark&type=spot), the data(tick-price, bids, asks, etc.) is not updating in real-time and I have to refresh the page to see the last data. I have added `binance.com` as trusted domain, but the problem still persists. I have tried to stop the protection one by one (Web Anti-Virus, File Anti-Virus, etc.), even completely Pause, but still not working. I observed that if I stop(exit) Kaspersky, the data starts to update in real time. I have tried with Chrome(109.0.5414.120) and it works perfectly with Kaspersky ON. How I can fix this?
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