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Kaspersky ignores previous settings and prompts. Data corruption? Application control is broken? [Closed]

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Windows 7.

You know when you select “remember my choice”, “apply always”, “create rule”, “trust this application”? Also when you configure the firewall so that it always blocks or allows a certain program? And yet Kaspersky ignores everything and always pesters you about it nonstop?


It’s very annoying.  I’m guessing Kaspersky glitched out and corrupted its settings files many versions ago (I’ve subscribed to your services for many years cumulatively) but if that’s the case how am I supposed to find out how to go about it, other than clearing all my data and hoping real hard that the issue goes away after that?


There are other threads about this here and I think on the archived forum as well and no guides on what to do about it. There were some “thoughtful” ideas like “format your hard drives” and “check for malware” among the messages IIRC. Not very helpful and no rationale given.




This one thread though… it actually provides a hint as to what might be the problem: 



So to sum it up: Kaspersky 2018 was reliant on Internet Explorer to work but it broke Internet Explorer and possibly more Windows user stuff and then there’s no fix for it other than me doing the cleanest uninstall possible of all the Kaspersky stuff and then somehow figure out how to remove/reset all the windows stuff that you guys corrupted without breaking things even more in the process?


As if windows updates aren’t already painful enough to deal with nowadays as a 7 user?


And then I have to set Karspersky up all over again? And it’s not even guaranteed to work, just a leap of faith?


You know, it’s a lot of work trying to fix things that weren’t even my fault to begin with. Is simply hooking up KIS to a less defective browser a viable option to fix this, if so how do I do this? Is there ever going to be a patch for this?


I request that you help me out with this situation.

Otherwise I simply can’t justify buying any more Kaspersky licenses. You guys aren’t a monopoly, you know. 

One of the alternatives I have in mind is touted to be much lighter and a little cheaper too. I kind of regret buying another Kaspersky license September this year already, considering all these issues.

On another note, is there a way to modify the program so that it asks for confirmation for blocking/deleting/disinfection?  Or any interest in adding this to future versions? It’s a pain to get the “results” of a performance issue or misclick or untimely prompt fixed and sometimes it’s not even possible.

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Hello  @Plzfix,


Have you raised the issues with Kaspersky Technical Support Team? If not, please do so, as they will be able to analyse your system, determine the RC and may provide solutions.

The TS Team will require GSI & Windows logs, Traces run as the issues are replicated, videos & or images. 

🚫 Also, there’s a *known* firewall/application rules bug, your issues may be related, if that’s the case, the Lab will tell you and will provide an eta🚫

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you

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