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Kaspersky Antivirus on iPhone


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Hello, I'm new. I have had a subscription to Kaspersky Anti-Virus on my computer, and I've been wanting to add it to my iPhone. When I downloaded the app on my iPhone, it says it's in Kaspersky Free. It's still associated with my account, but I was just wondering if I'm able to add the Anti-Virus protection to my phone. I read somewhere that iPhones are pretty secure as long as you don't jailbreak them, but I don't think it would hurt to add an extra layer of protection. Do I need to? Does Kaspersky Free provide protection for my phone?

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You are currently running the latest Kaspersky iOS App to provide you the best protection for your iPhone, if you are on  a free version please consider to upgrade to the full version.

iPhones are indeed very secure , please see  “Why there’s no antivirus for iOS”


Apple iOS is indeed designed to be very secure. iOS apps are executed in their own sandboxes — secure environments that seclude the apps, keeping them away from other apps’ data, not to mention from tampering with the operating system’s files. Under iOS, a wanna-be-malicious app won’t be able to steal or compromise anything; it won’t be permitted outside its own sandbox, where only its own data is stored and processed”



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6 hours ago, Galgano said:
  1. Does Kaspersky Free provide protection for my phone?
2 hours ago, Galgano said:

Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus. version 2.75.0.

Hello @Galgano


  1. Please read: Kaspersky Free for iOS, Kaspersky app overview, it shows *exactly* what is covered & see image: 


Any questions or issues, please post back? 

Thank you🙏

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