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Kaspersky 12.2 Dump writing & FSlogix profiles growth

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After installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Servers 12.2 we were seeing an explosive growth in FSLOGIX profile disks.

After investigation, it seems that Kaspersky would write 2 giant files in the FSLOGIX User disk System Volume Information folder.
- 2.0 GB  KES-21-13\klBackupDepository.dat
- 2.0 GB  KES-21-14\klBackupDepository.dat

After some googling the most likely cause of this was that the option:
[x] Enable Dump Writing 
was set to enabled.  
I disabled this option and pushed it out through the Security Center Console, but these files do not get deleted (which they should)
Since these files reside in the System Volume Information Folder, it is nearly impossible by simple means to delete these files.
What can I do to reclame my '4GB x number of users' back?

Are there any other recommendations for Kaspersky Endpoint Security and 'Remote Desktop Server' / 'FSLogix'?



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Our remote desktop session hosts are:
Windows Server 2019 std (with remote desktop session host role installed)
130GB disk

The FSLOGIX server is: Windows Server 2019 std (Fileserver role installed)
1.2TB user profiles disk, 100GB redirected user folders disk

I would like to figure out what this klBackupDepository.dat files are, and why they should be in de FSLOGIX profile disk...
We didn't see this in the kaspersky 11.0 Antivirus version (we recently upgraded to 12.1>12.2)

according to documentation (older version) the Dump Writing should be in %APPADATA% ( not system volume information )

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