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It was hide my captcha

Hao Huynh

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7 hours ago, Hao Huynh said:

It was hide my captcha. When I wanna enter captcha. KAS have been hide 1 character 

Hello @Hao Huynh,  


  • The icon blocking the field is from Kaspersky Password Manager. 

👉Open the Kaspersky Password Manager application, go to Settings ⚙, select the General Tab, in the Autosave & Autofill section, uncheck Logins & Passwords  - see images: 





  1. Try another browser, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, does the same problem happen?
  2. Try running the Browser as Private/Incognito, does the same problem happen?
  3. Which site is the problem happening, share the web site name OR URL, we'd like to check please? 

Thank you🙏

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