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Is it possible to share Kaspersky Password Manager items with other users?


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In a collaborative environment, which may be a business, a school group, or even a family, it's common to have assets that we need to have secured, but are of common use amongst the group members. 

Is it possible to share secure items stored within Kaspersky Password Manager, like passwords, secure notes or files, with other users?

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Hello @uchoa


If you wish to share the Master password with others, that’s your choice. 

The 1 user account KPM is for unlimited devices, however, the following should be noted:

If the Master password is lost or forgotten or changed by someone who was/is not feeling “collaborative”, Kaspersky cannot assist with the recovery of the password; there are no recovery tools for the KPM Master password. 

Sharing passwords is not in line with best practice guidelines. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋 

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