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In the new revised forum/account set up...


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...how do you delete a forum account that's not allied to an actual product. I have this Kasperky forum account linked to the product I use, AND a stand alone forum account. How can I get rid of the forum only account. I cannot see anywhere in this new layout where I can do that?

Anyone able to help please?

Merci/ thank you

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Hello Danila, thank you for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately I want to DELETE a login that is used PURELY for the forums, and is not linked to a product.  How can I do this? In this new set up, I can't see any way in my profile settings to change anything, let alone delete the account.

Can I do this or is it not possible?

Thanks / merci a vous

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Hello / Bonjour,

I have ended up with two Support forum logins. One attached to a Kaspersky product, and one not. I want to delete the one that is not connected to my Kaspersky product, but can't see how to do this.

Can it be done?

Thank you / Merci a vous

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