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I tried Chrome Extension for Opera browser, so i just could download the KPM: Product Suggestion. [moved]

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Hello there KPM Team. I've been using Chrome for quite awhile where i was able to use the KPM chrome extension to use my password vault for the use i had for the different websites i use regularly, it was amazing, but now a days, i seems to have moved onto a new Browser Platform such as Opera, which doesn't support lots of extensions but there is a few, i would love to see if you guys would develop a nice and beautiful extension to be used for the many of millions of Opera users out there, who also uses the wonderful product you guys has to offer. I've really even tried to by-pass this issue by getting an Chrome Extension for Opera browser, so i just could download the KPM by that, it worked, but i simply just cannot login, using my credentials, it's stuck in some infinity loop of loading, that sucks. So as it is right now, doesn't seem to be a lot of work that needs to be done for it to work, i hope not, would just be a pleasure to see such development for you guys to release. - Thanks for your understanding of a user that simply enjoys KPM too much to just let it go.
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Hello iZeQure, Welcome. Thank you for the suggestion. I also use Opera. I agree, having Kaspersky extensions would be a great addition to a browser that's so popular and has many features lacking in other browsers. --- Kaspersky documents software and hardware compatability for all their products. Opera isn't a supported browser.
  1. Microsoft Edge (version 42 or later)
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 10 or 11)
  3. Firefox (version 65 or later)
  4. Chrome (version 70 or later)
  5. Yandex.Browser (version 18.10 or later)
https://help.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win9.2/en-US/84996.htm --- Unfortunatetly, product enhancements and development requests are not processed via this community portal, Kaspersky require all of us, to submit any such requests, directly to their Technical Support Team. This can be done via phone, online chat (if it's available in your region) or via MyKaspersky account online, using "I have a suggestion" template. Kaspersky technical/business teams review all requests, measure requests again a variety of benchmarks and do whatever passes. Kaspersky Technical Team will communicate with you regarding any suggestion raised with them. Best regards :pray:
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