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How to sync Password Manager from Phone to Desktop

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I have had to wipe my computer clean. I have Password Manager on my Android and wish to sync back to my newly downloaded Kaspersky Password Manager on my desktop to save doing all the passwords manually. Can somebody tell me how?

Thanks in advance

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Hello  @Roy,


(1) On Android: sign into your online MyKaspersky account, make sure your password data is available. 
(2) On PC, sign into your MyKaspersky account, make sure your device and MyK account are connected, synced. 

(3) If (1) & (2) are correct, automatic synchronization of data occurs as per the following advice: 

When you add data to your vault on one device, the application automatically sends this data to cloud storage, then from cloud storage to your other devices that have Kaspersky Password Manager installed and that are connected to My Kaspersky using the same My Kaspersky account. Keeping your data up-to-date and consistent on all your devices also helps restore your data if you replace or lose a device.

The status of data synchronization is displayed in the synchronization window.

Sync data manually
Unlock the vault by entering the master password and tapping Unlock.
If your device is running Android 6.0 or later, supports fingerprint authentication, and fingerprint authentication is enabled in the app settings, you can use it to unlock your vault instead of entering the master password.

In the main app window, tap  or swipe the screen to the right. The quick access bar appears on the left. On the quick access bar, tap Sync. In the window that opens view the status of data sync and tap Sync now. Kaspersky Password Manager starts data sync.

Thank you. 

Sync data across devices

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Hello  @Roy

You’re very welcome! I’m delighted to read the issue is resolved, thank you for letting me know🙏

A couple of “extra” suggestions, I run a KPM weekly backup, and export , both have come in very handy when one or another system is “broken”, and if you’ve not activated 2FA (via your MyKaspersky account), it’s an extra layer of very effective security. 

Best regards

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