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How to set the search mode of the nearest DP (klnagent sends ICMP packets to find out the nearest distribution point (time to live exceeded in transit)) [KSC for Windows]

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Description and cautions

You may experience low time to live value set in ICMP network packets sent by klnagents. 

The following can be seen in wire shark traffic dump:



There are two modes of distribution point search:

0 - search of the nearest DP using a tool similar to traceroute. It generates a number of ICMP packets to find out the neatest route to DP - this is the default mode. 

1 - selection of random DP without sending such amount of ICMP packets. This mode is configured on administration server computer via klcsflag utility and is enabled for all managed hosts.

The following command should be started as administrator on KSC Server computer to switch to mode 1:

klscflag.exe -fset -pv klserver -n SrvChooseUaMode -v 1 -t d

Restart of kladminserver service is required to apply changes.  

The distribution point will be randomly selected among all DPs available. 

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