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How to set PLC Project Integrity Check task in the KSC Console [KSC for Windows]

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You can set and run PLC Project Integrity Check task in KICS4Nodes console. But it is not clear how to add PLC projects into the task settings in the KSC Console.

Before PLC Project Integrity Check task setting the PLC Project Investigation task should be successfully executed.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the KICS4Nodes policy -> Properties -> Logs and Notifications -> Interaction with Administration Server | Settings.
  2. Enable Versions of PLC projects option (disabled by default). Lock the padlock. Save and apply the policy. (Data of investigated PLC projects will be transferred to the KCS as Network lists).
  3. Go to the Properties of the target host, which will have PLC project checker role.
  4. Go to Tasks section-> Select "PLC Project Integrity Check" task -> Properties -> Settings section
  5. Click the ADD button -> You will see the list of PLC projects, which were collected by the PLC Project Investigation task.
  6. Check the projects that you want to check. Add them to the list. Enable checkbox of the PLC configurations. Apply task properties.
  7. Run the task.

PLC Project Integrity Check task does not start automatically after the application reboot. You should set the schedule in the task properties. We recommend to run task by schedule at the application launch.

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