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How to configure Wi-Fi via KES for Mobile for devices with Android 10+ [Kaspersky Security for Mobile]

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There are slight differences when connecting devices to the Wi-Fi network configured via Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mobile in Android 10

The main difference is that the connection to the target Wi-Fi network is made automatically through the product installed on the device and can't be forced manually via device settings.

Step-by-step description

The following scenario demonstrates the correct way to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network, as well as what behavior is expected.

  1. Setting up the target Wi-Fi network in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android as usual – navigate to Wi-Fi section and add new network by specifying network SSID, network protection type and password:


  2. Apply the configured policy to the target mobile device with KESM installed and Android 10 (sync the product with the Security Center);
  3. When the policy applies, "Allow suggested Wi-Fi networks" notification from Android System appears (unless the mobile phone is located in the target Wi-Fi access zone):


  4. The user should open this notification and tap on ‘Allow’ / 'Yes' link. It should be done only once, when a new one network is added through the product;
  5. Depending on the conditions:
    1. If the target mobile device is not connected to any Wi-Fi networks, then the connection to the expected network is made immediately automatically (no further actions are required from the user);
    2. If the target mobile device is already connected to another Wi-Fi network (and it was made manually by the device owner via native mobile phone network settings), then the connection to the expected network will not be made until the user manually disconnects his device from the current Wi-Fi network ('forgets' this network). As soon as this happens, the device will automatically connect to the desired network configured through the product.

If everything works as expected, then you’ll find an inscription near the network: ‘Connected via Kaspersky Endpoint Security’:


Please note that if the device is still connected to another Wi-Fi network (which was added manually before) and the client just tries to connect to the target network configured through the product on his own (navigates to the ‘Network and Internet’ section – finds there the target network and taps on ‘Connect’ link), then it will be not possible to do that: connection settings from the product's policy will not be pushed and the password will be still required (obviously, if this network is protected by password):


The connection will be established automatically as soon as the device owner disconnects their mobile phone / tablet from the previously used network on his own (applicable to the networks that were connected manually via device settings).

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