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How to configure KESL to use non-default folders [KES for Linux]

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Information in this article can be used when there are disk space limitations imposed on the folders used by KESL:

  • /var/opt/kaspersky - default KESL installation folder
  • /tmp - default folder used to store temporary files during the scan


To move files located in this directory you can create a symbolic link to another folder before installation. Use the following steps:

  1. Before installing KESL:

    mkdir /new/kesl/folder/
    ln -s /new/kesl/folder/ /var/opt/kaspersky
    #root has to be the owner of all kesl subfolders below /
    chmod go-w,a-t /new
  2. Install KESL

If you encounter "Fatal error: Invalid permissions. Check /, /opt, /opt/kaspersky, /var, /var/opt, /var/opt/kaspersky. Only root user should have write access to these directories." while running the post install script, make sure root is owner of all subfolders in the path to kesl executable.


You can declare a new temporary folder for KESL by following these steps:

  1. Execute this:

    systemctl edit kesl
  2. Add the following:

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