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How to add domain\site name in exclusions of KSWS Traffic Security component [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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Sometimes you may need to add a particular site\domain to an exclusions list of Traffic Security.

Unfortunately, at current moment KSWS console allows us to make exclusions ONLY for Ports, IP-addresses, and Processes:



But we have ability to make site and domain exclusions for Traffic Security via registry workaround.

To implement workaround, we need to create and fill following REG_MULTI_SZ key:


To make changes in this hive, you can add necessary permissions to your account OR you can run regedit in SYSTEM context (psexec -s -i regedit.exe).




Besides required domain names, we recommend to add the following default list of names to avoid breaking of Windows Updates and KSWS activation functionality:


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