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How many passwords do I need for Kaspersky products?


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Hello @rbmagee,


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It’s not common to make the KPM vault Master & (your) My Kaspersky account password the same, in fact, we would not recommend doing so → the vault data is also in your MyKaspersky account, having the vault Master password &  My Kaspersky account password the same means the vault would be easily accessible to anyone who has your My Kaspersky account password. 

IF you’re unable to synchronise KPM & the iPhone, contact Support → scroll down to the lower part of the page, select Product help → from the Choose a communication channel options, select Chat or Email.

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About Kaspersky Password Manager

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Thanks for the insights.  It was Kaspersky terminology that confused me.  Password Manager on my iPhone requires “Main Password” shown in the box in gray.  To me that sounded like the password for Kaspersky Total Security -- the Main Password.  Once I figured out that the app was looking for my Kaspersky PASSWORD MANAGER password, all was fine.

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