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How long it take to deploy Kaspersky Endpoint Security to thousand of devices

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I've already installed it on about a thousand hosts, the time varies depending on your infrastructure, I recommend a task up to 100 hosts at a time, because you may need to restart the host.

Regarding the installation of KES, first you need to install the network agent, when you create the task to install the network agent, you add all the local domain administrator accounts, because after it is installed, you will only need the agent in the KES task.

If you have distribution points and I recommend you to have them, they will help in distributing the packages, as more than 400Mb for each KES.

Don't be in a hurry, the process is time consuming, as not all computers are on when you want ?

I estimate it will take you more than a week to complete this, with the favorable conditions and with the help of users (this is the hard part).

With the agent installed the task does not need admin accounts.


Select here how many simultaneous installations.



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