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How can I control screen time on Iphone. I would like to block usage after 10 pm.


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10 hours ago, MKT01 said:
  • I am new and would like to block the Iphone during the night.
  • But it says Kaspersky will not block the phone onle warn the kid about exceding time limits.
  1. Can you help? 

Hello @MKT01


Unfortunately, on your child's iOS device, it's not possible to block the device due to operating system limitations, Kaspersky Safe Kids displays a notification that it's time to take a break.

Reference: Kaspersky Safe Kids for iOS, About device use monitoring

  1. For our children - with their Apple phones, when they don't follow *our* rules, we confiscate their phones, that's stopped them using the phones at night - every time!

Thank you🙏

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