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High CPU usage during browsing with Kaspersky Protection extension

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When the Kaspersky Protection extension is enabled, the CPU usage is much higher for Kaspersky while browsing. 

To reproduce, with the extension enabled, monitor Kaspersky's CPU usage in task manager or something like Process Hacker before loading a page like this one: https://www.prothomalo.com/ Wait for a few seconds, and check the amount of CPU Kaspersky is using. 

Now disable the extension and monitor the CPU usage again while reloading the page. This time the usage should be much lower. Close and restart the browser after disabling the extension just to be sure.

On my PC, with the extension enabled, on the mentioned site CPU usage reaches 12-15% for a few seconds. Without the extension, 5-6% max, and sometimes even lower. 

On some older system, the CPU usage can go as high as 40%. 

Same issue with both MS Edge and Firefox.

Features like private browsing, anti-banner, safe money are disabled.

Product: Kaspersky Standard 21.5 Patch C.

OS: Windows 11 Enterprise.

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