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Help regarding Email related Breach

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Hello, I would like to ask something regarding a recent breach report that I received on my Email, Apparently Wattpad got breached and 270 Million data files got leaked to Hacker Groups. I started receiving tons of Emails from Websites that I have never signed up on, and I don’t know what to do next. I changed all of my more important account’s passwords using the Kaspersky Password Manager and added 2nd step verification.  is there something that I need to do extra or I should just ignore those Emails or maybe even Delete my Email?


Sorry if this is not the sub to post this but I really need an advice for it.

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@Kryzm Welcome. You can ignore and delete those EMails. Also, do you still get flooded with unwanted mails ?


Yep, every day I get different Email Requests for Password changes or Email changes or just some Random Adware stuff. I tried to contact Yahoo Customer Service but apparently they made It only  a ''Pro'' Feature that u can talk to someone from the support team. :-/

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