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13 minutes ago, Spid3rl said:

What if one of my passwords gets compromised?

  1. Will it say on the app that the password has change for example?

Hello @Spid3rl

  1. In the KPM application, installed on Windows, Password check, shows:

All compromised passwords. 
All weak passwords. 
All duplicate passwords. 
All strong passwords. 
All passwords not being checked. 


Note, we've hidden our private information😎

Thank you🙏

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1 hour ago, Spid3rl said:

But if the password is changed?

Hello @Spid3rl

When a password is changed, KPM prompts to update the password *BUT* that won't happen unless the KPM software is installed.

KPM is not a password monitoring service, scanning millions of accounts in real-time, even if it were, how would KPM know it's not you who's signed in & changed the password? 

KPM manages (your) accounts & passwords, on the device(s) where the software is installed.

Hypothetical, hacker is in a remote location, not where you are, hacker does not use KPM, hacker does not know you use KPM; hacker signs into your x account, hacker changes password - how is KPM supposed to know & how is KPM supposed to alert you of this? Would there be something on hacker's device that would send a handshake to your KPM? 

How Kaspersky Password Manager protects your data

IF there's an issue & you believe you've been hacked, it may be best to discuss the issue with Kaspersky support: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts

Thank you🙏

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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