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From Where we can download Kaspersky Total Security Offline installer -- Latest Version Only.

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By the https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses#/portal/pages/licenses/details/******,
We are offered “ Kaspersky Total Security” with provision to continue for 4 Devices | 2 Years, Amount (1 User account) including saving for an existing user.

But when we visit https://www.kaspersky.com/home-security, under “ Complete security plans for you & your family” there is no such current product as “ Kaspersky Total Security” being offered to the subscribers by AO Kaspersky Lab.

We do fear that “ Kaspersky Total Security” is just an old product ( not the list of Home Security Solutions) from which is somehow being supported.
We do not wish to cling on to the old/ non-listed product- solution (which is not listed under current Security Solutions.)

So please offer the latest/ current product of Security Solutions for the maximum saving for an existing customer with years of loyalty.
Why are you offering a product : "Kaspersky Total Security" is no more offered as per your web-site for Home Security Solutions: Home Computer and Mobile Security Software (2023) | Kaspersky   : https://www.kaspersky.com/home-security?reseller=sea_bb2023_acq_ona_sem_bra_onl_b2c_goo_ppc-ad_______&utm_content=ppc-ad|generic&utm_id=go_cmp-19814483722_adg-149450670120_ad-651095463829_kwd-12540916337_dev-c_ext-_prd-_mca-_sig-CjwKCAjwl6OiBhA2EiwAuUwWZWzD_JB8_VyWU9NXiRdOINSBzWVaWW6fBIeIFBinCN8p1qHNcB4g5xoCBgsQAvD_BwE&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=DM_B2C_APAC_SEA_PPC_Google_LF_EN-SG_B_KWD_EXA_Frontline&utm_campaign=DM_B2C_APAC_SEA_PPC_Google_LF_EN-SG_B_KWD_EXA_Frontline&gclid=CjwKCAjwl6OiBhA2EiwAuUwWZWzD_JB8_VyWU9NXiRdOINSBzWVaWW6fBIeIFBinCN8p1qHNcB4g5xoCBgsQAvD_BwE  ???


Only these (3 listed below) are now in the products for Home Security Solutions.


1.   Kaspersky PremiumComplete protection for your devices, online privacy & identity


2.   Kaspersky Plus:  Combines security, performance & privacy features in one app


3.   Kaspersky StandardEnhanced protection with device performance booster


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Hello @Total Security user


Kaspersky Premium, Kaspersky Plus & Kaspersky Standard are Kaspersky's *new* software line & replace the original line, please read: Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium - info & FAQ, by Danila T.

  1. The image you've attached is impossible to view, which website - region - is it from please? 
  2. The link redirects to our own region Kaspersky website - with the available Introductory offer, that's what's currently available for the new line. 

Thank you?

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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