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Export and read report files from krd scans as ASCII text [Solved] [Closed]

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I have already approached Kaspersky Lab Technical Support and was told to come here.  See below.


Also, I KNOW the files are encrypted, that is why I want to export them in raw text and / or what s/w will read the encrypted file so I can send the info to the guy who is helping me get my PC running again.


Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.
The following request was registered:

ID INC000010964769,
I want to export and read as ascii text the report files from krd scans; e.g. report_2019.11.10_15.59.29.klr.enc1.
Please allow either raw text file export or tell me the app that can read this format.

Our business hours are: Monday to Friday 8am to 6:00pm, Saturday 9am to 4:30pm Local Melbourne Time. We strive to process all support requests within 8 business hours.

To add new information to your request or ask additional questions, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged. This email was generated automatically.

Best regards,
Kaspersky Lab Technical Support

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Technical Support response to my initial request for assistance

Nov 11 2019, 3:58:05 PM

Dear customer,

Greetings!  We appreciate you getting in touch.  My name is Ray.  I'll be helping you out in your case.

The support for the free Kaspersky Rescue Disk (KRD) tool unfortunately is unavailable from Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.  However, you may create a topic on our Community forum site to receive assistance.  The forum page for KRD can be accessed here:



Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab Technical Support and have a good day!



Ray | Technical Support Representative

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It might be just me and my need for precision... but the article does not make it clear that 'e' should be input at the graphics mode selection screen.

Also, that the boot USB is not visible in the 'Tool' folder grouping as the place to which one can copy the .klr report file.  If it is, I could not find it.

My reason for running the 'KRD Tool' is that my faulty PC does not boot to Win 7 and rather than rebooting to the Command Prompt from the Win Repair screen, I inserted a second USB into my Win 7 PC and was then able to copy the .klr report file, which opened in NotePad.

Perhaps the KRD v18 article (https://support.kaspersky.com/15274) can be updated to reflect these two aspects so that others do not need to jump through the hoops as I have and your time will not be taken up replying to this type of enquiry.

Thnx again for your assistance.

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